13 Websites dedicated to Hunterston, an area in West Central Scotland
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Virtual Hunterston
Hunterston Castle
Hunterston House
This site is all about the area of Hunterston and has detailed history of the area and buildings along with the industry
An extensive look at the Hunter Castle which is the family seat of the Hunter Family
Explore the Mansion House at Hunterston that was built in 1799
The Hunterston Oilrig Story
The Hunterston A Story
Hunterston Ore Terminal
The story of the Gravity Steel Base of the Maureen Alpha Oilrig that was built here and subsequently went to produce oil in the North sea before being decommissioned in 2001
The story of Hunterston A power station, Scotland's first civil power plant and worlds largest when built
This story of how British Steel built a Ore and Coal deep sea port at Hunterston
Submarine Dry Dock
Harding Gravity Base Tank
Hunterston Wind Turbines
The story of the Trident Submarine Dry Dock that was built on the former Oil Rig Construction Yard
Information on the Gravity Base Tank that was built at Hunterston for the Harding Oil Field
The story of how three large wind turbines were built on the former Oilrig Construction Yard
Walk Hunterston
Hunterston Converter Station
Hunterston B Power Station
Explore Hunterston with the various walks available
Information on the new Converter Station being constructed at Goldenberry
The story of Hunterston B Power Station
Hunterston Books
Book about Hunterston